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1955 Cadillac La Salle II

Car Story

    You can say that it was not average Cadillac dream car. The design is atypical for Cadillac. The car was designed personally by Harley Earl. La Salle II roadster was the companion car to another dream car Cadillac La Salle with the body four door pillarless hardtop. Both dream cars were an attempt to revive the car make LaSalle. The car body was fiberglass. In comparison to the four hardtop, the body was very short with extremely chopped-off rear end with fully opened rear fenders. The exhaust pipes were housed in the rear side, jus ahead of the back wheels (!)

   Both cars were never intended for mass production. As the 1956 Motorama exhibition ended, the cars were sent to the crusher. Instead they were hidden in the back of a salvage yard. In the 1990s American car collector Joe Bortz bought the cars and invested a huge money to restore them.

Cadillac LaSalle Club Grand National 2015 Milwaukee

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